The 6 Steps

SFL Wealth Pension Review

The 6 Steps

When undertaking a pension review we break it down into 6 steps. Below details how your pension review works each step of the way and what each section entails.  

1. Sign Your LOA

First steps is to sign and date the Letter of Authority. We do this in one of the following ways; the most popular way being E-Sign, otherwise manually signing the LOA and sending it back via post which we provide you with a freepost envelope for.

2. Getting To Know You

You will receive a welcome call from one of our dedicated team so we can ask you a little bit about your current situation and stage in your life. We call this the “understanding you” part of the process.

3. Gathering Existing Information

We will send a request to your current provider for information relating to your existing pension provider.

4. Securing Your Lifestyle

Now we have the details from your current pension provider on your existing plan, our specialist team gets straight to work. Analysing areas such as performance, accessibility and risk profile, they look to see if what you have meets what you need to secure the lifestyle in retirement you had planned. We create a detailed personal report which demonstrates to you what we found and how we came to our conclusions.

6. Await A Call From Our Team

The Pension Advisor will call at the agreed time to talk you through the options available to you. We cut out the jargon to just give you the simple facts about how your retirement is looking. Any advice given here will be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for your peace of mind.

That’s it! The whole process should take around 12 weeks. You can now sit back and relax… happy in the knowledge you have taken steps to better plan for your retirement.

My Pension Advice Aftercare

Don’t worry, we won’t just leave you to it once we have done. Our relationship carries on and we carry out an annual service on your pension to ensure that it is performing to your satisfaction.

It’s all part of the service!

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